Family Session at the Calgary Central Library: A Stylish and Playful Adventure

I am thrilled to dive back into blogging with this exceptional family session at the Calgary Central Library. It’s an absolute joy to capture the love and growth of this incredibly stylish family.

From the moment I first met this beautiful couple at the Boutique Wedding Market years ago, I knew there was something special about them. They walked in, drenched from riding their bikes in the snow to attend the show, and their adoration for each other was palpable. I couldn’t help but be intrigued, and that’s when I found the courage to approach them. Little did I know that this chance encounter would blossom into a deep friendship. It’s an honoUr to have witnessed and documented their journey, from pregnancy to the birth of their gorgeous, smart, and inquisitive little girl. Each year, as we reconnect for their annual session, I am reminded of how blessed I am to watch them grow.

Stepping into the Calgary Central Library for the first time was a revelation. The building, hailed by Architectural Digest as one of the most anticipated projects of 2018 and recognized as one of the world’s most futuristic libraries, exudes creativity from every corner. Since opening its doors on November 1, 2018, the library has welcomed nearly half a million visitors in its first 100 days alone. And it’s no surprise why—it’s a captivating space that ignites the imagination.

The library was the perfect backdrop for this adventurous family. As a photographer, I never want children to sit still during family sessions. I encourage them to run, jump, and explore because those are the authentic moments that bring out the joy and playfulness in a family. I want to be right there with them, capturing their genuine interactions and creating memories that reflect the spirit of real life. Family sessions are meant to be fun, and that’s exactly what we had. And parents, don’t worry—I always promise tired children by the end of the session. You’re welcome!

As we embarked on our exploration of the library, the little girl’s curiosity and boundless energy set the tone for the session. We followed her lead, revelling in her joyful discoveries and joining her in the thrill of the chase. From the vibrant children’s area to the cozy reading nooks, every corner of the library became a backdrop for our adventure. Laughter echoed through the corridors, and the love that enveloped this family radiated brightly in each frame.

Capturing the essence of this stylish family in such a remarkable setting was a privilege. Their genuine connection and willingness to embrace the moment created a tapestry of images that reflect their love and the unique bond they share. It’s an absolute delight to witness their story unfolding year after year.

To this incredible family, thank you for allowing me to be part of your journey. It’s an honour to document the milestones and watch your family grow. May the memories we’ve created together at the Calgary Central Library serve as a cherished reminder of this special chapter in your lives. And to all families out there, remember that family sessions are an opportunity to celebrate your love and have fun. Embrace the adventure, and let the magic unfold.
Stay tuned for more inspiring sessions and heartfelt stories as I continue to share my photography journey with you.


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