East Village Summer Family Session

Happy Official First Day of Summer! Everything is super GREEN and I couldn’t be happier to take us back to this gorgeous East Village Summer Family Session.

I personally LOVE Family Sessions with older “kids”. There’s a different dynamic than sessions with little ones. Personalities have evolved and these family sessions tend to get super funny. I’ve known Marci for years and she’s just one of the most joyful people I know so to get to hang out with her gorgeous family for this East Village Family Session was an absolute treat! And boy, did we laugh our faces off! Marci was looking for a modern feel to her family session and so I thought St. Patrick’s Island would be the perfect spot. With a combination of architectural lines in the metal bridges placed so perfectly among nature and stunning views of East Village and downtown Calgary, they loved this location.

My ultimate goal during Family Sessions is to make sure absolutely everyone in the family is comfortable and so I do this by asking a series of questions like “who’s the favourite child?” Some of you may be shocked or offended by my forwardness but ultimately you and I both know… ALL parents have a favourite child! These questions make for epic moments during our Family Session and I’m always armed with many good ones. And be prepared, I may also ask for a dance off! Let’s see who’s been keeping up their game during quarantine.


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