Intimate and Cozy: In Home Couples Session in an Industrial Loft

In the midst of a cold and snowy winter in Calgary, there’s a silver lining: the rise of intimate In home couples sessions. As a photographer, these sessions hold a special place in my heart, especially when I have the privilege of capturing the love and connection between couples in an extraordinary space.

These sessions are my absolute favourite, especially when the kindest and most generous friend lends you his incredible, and I literally mean INCREDIBLE downtown Calgary loft to photograph your couple in. Oh, and he also let us borrow his gorgeous girl Sadie. Thank you Jeff! I am clearly surrounded by the most awesome people!

Our Sunday together was nothing short of perfection. I fondly referred to it as our “Sunday Sweats Session” because we embraced the cozy atmosphere, lounging around the stunning space, sipping endless cups of coffee, and enjoying the tunes that filled the air. In-home sessions have become an increasingly popular choice for couples, and it’s easy to understand why. Imagine being in the comfort of your own environment, surrounded by the things you love, and sharing the company of the person you cherish the most. It’s these genuine connections and everyday moments that deserve to be documented and treasured.

Rebecca and Chris embody the trust and love that make couples truly remarkable. Their undeniable chemistry and stunning looks make for captivating photographs, and it was a joy to witness their affectionate interactions throughout the session. Additionally, it was a delight to discuss photography with Chris, a talented photographer himself. Don’t forget to check out his impressive work on Instagram under the handle @asapcrisp. But be warned, his bio might surprise you!

As I embarked on this session, my goal was clear: to capture the essence of comfort, affection, and simplicity. I wanted to showcase the genuine connection and ease between this beautiful couple. The resulting photographs have exceeded my expectations, and I am thrilled to share them with you.

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, there’s something magical about witnessing the intimacy of a couple in their own sanctuary. It’s a reminder that amidst the chaos, love finds its way to bloom and thrive. Join me as we delve into the cozy embrace of this in-home couples session, set in an industrial loft, where warmth, affection, and simplicity reign supreme.

Stay tuned as we unveil the heartfelt moments and genuine connections that unfolded during this extraordinary in-home session. Together, let’s celebrate love, authenticity, and the beauty of finding solace in the arms of the one you hold dear.


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