Including Dogs In Your Family Photo Session

Including Dogs in your family photo session adds an extra element of joy, love, and playfulness. Our pets are an integral part of our families, and incorporating them into our cherished memories through photography is a wonderful way to celebrate their presence in our lives. In this blog post, we will explore the beauty and challenges of including dogs in family photo sessions, providing valuable tips and insights to help you create stunning and memorable images that truly capture the essence of your family.

Tips for Including Dogs in Your Family Photo Session:

Tip #1-Choosing the Right Location:

When planning your family photo session, consider a location that allows your dogs to roam free and feel comfortable. Look for places like parks, open fields, or scenic areas where they can explore and be themselves. A location that offers access to nature, such as a river or beach, can provide beautiful backdrops for your photos while allowing your dogs to enjoy their surroundings.

Tip #2-Exercise Before the Session:

To help your dogs feel calm and focused during the photo session, ensure they have had a good amount of exercise beforehand. Take them for a walk or engage them in playtime to release their energy and help them become more relaxed. A tired dog is more likely to cooperate and pose for the camera, resulting in fantastic photos.

Tip #3-Bring Treats and Toys:

To keep your dogs engaged and attentive during the session, bring their favorite treats and toys. These can serve as rewards for good behavior and help grab their attention when needed. Treats and toys can also add an element of playfulness to the photos, capturing the unique personalities of your furry family members.

Tip #4-Embrace the Natural Experience:

During the session, allow your dogs to be themselves and embrace their natural behavior. Don’t stress if they become a little mischievous or don’t always follow instructions. A skilled photographer will capture the spontaneous and genuine moments that reflect your family’s dynamics and the unique bond you share with your dogs. Remember, the goal is to capture the love and connection within your family, including your four-legged members.


Including your dogs in your family photo session can create beautiful and heartfelt memories that will be cherished for years to come. By following these tips and working with a photographer, like myself who understands the dynamics of photographing dogs, you can ensure a fun and relaxed session that captures the true essence of your family. Embrace the natural experience, enjoy the session, and let the love and joy of your family shine through every image.

About the Session:

I was thrilled when Jennifer contacted me for a Family Session and expressed her desire to include her dogs. To my surprise, she had an Australian Shepherd, just like mine, and a Brittany, which would have been my husband’s second choice if we hadn’t settled on an Aussie. It was an incredible coincidence! Without hesitation, I suggested one of my favorite locations, a place where the dogs could roam freely and enjoy the beauty of the Bow River. This spot allowed the family to relax and not worry about their furry companions. We embarked on a delightful, long walk, exploring the surroundings and creating genuine moments together. The entire experience unfolded naturally, filled with laughter and joy. It was an unforgettable adventure for all of us!

Looking for your next furry friend?

Have any questions! Feel free to reach out! And if you’re looking to add to your family, check out the incredible AARCS- Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society. We adopted our Moose from there six years ago and he’s a dream dog!


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