Downtown Calgary Engagement Session – Capturing Love in the Heart of the City

On a perfect summer evening, I had the pleasure of joining Lee-Anne and Charlie for their Downtown Calgary Engagement Session. As an avid explorer and a firm believer in building connections with my couples, I was thrilled to embark on this adventure with them and get to know them better. Little did I know that this session would bring an unexpected dose of cuteness and charm as they asked to incorporate their adorable cats, Eddie and Killie, into the photoshoot. Yes, you read that right – cats! I couldn’t contain my excitement! It’s moments like these that truly make me feel honoured when couples invite me into their lives, and I never pass up an opportunity to snuggle with their furry babies.

Downtown Calgary served as the perfect backdrop for this Engagement Session. The bustling streets, the iconic architecture, and the vibrant energy of the city created a captivating atmosphere, adding an element of excitement and romance to the entire experience. With each step we took, we discovered hidden gems and explored the heart of the city together, capturing their love in its most authentic form.

As we strolled through the streets, laughter filled the air, and the couple’s connection radiated with every glance and touch. Their chemistry was undeniable, and it was evident that they were not only partners in love but also the best of friends. It was a joy to witness their playful banter and genuine affection, capturing these precious moments as they unfolded.

And then came the surprise element – Eddie and Killie, their adorable feline companions, made their debut in the photoshoot. As the couple scooped up their furry friends and held them close, my heart melted. The love they had for their cats was as evident as the love they had for each other. We incorporated the cats into various poses and captured their charming presence, creating a unique and heartwarming engagement session that truly reflected this couple’s personality and love for their furry family members.

Being able to witness the bond between couples and their pets is a truly special experience. Pets have a way of bringing comfort, joy, and an abundance of love into our lives. Including them in engagement sessions not only adds an extra layer of adorableness but also showcases the depth of the couple’s love and their commitment to their four-legged companions. Eddie and Killie were not just pets; they were cherished members of the family, and their inclusion in the session added an element of warmth and familiarity.

Throughout the session, I couldn’t help but feel a sense of gratitude for the trust this couple placed in me. They allowed me to capture their love story in the heart of downtown Calgary, embracing the vibrant energy and unique charm of the city. It is a privilege to be invited into the lives of my clients, to capture their emotions, and to tell their stories through my lens. Each session is an opportunity to create cherished memories and build connections that go beyond the surface.

Engagement sessions hold a special place in my heart. It is a time of anticipation, excitement, and pure love as couples prepare to embark on a lifelong journey together. These sessions allow couples to pause, reflect, and celebrate the love that brought them together. It is a chance to document this beautiful chapter in their lives, capturing the essence of their relationship and the anticipation of what lies ahead.

Here are a few wonderful words from Lee-Anne and Charlie…

“We loved working with Sue for our engagement photo session, and cannot wait to see what she will do for our wedding! She put us at ease in front of the camera, and we were really happy with the results. She is not only fun to be around, but but easy and professional to work with. She was quick to respond to any questions we had from her, and turned around our engagement photos in just a few weeks. We are so happy to have found her!”


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