Curbing the Photographer’s Creative Rut

Are you feeling uninspired? Has your work failed to motivate you lately? Are you bored and do you feel like your creative juices have dried up? If you’re a creative of any kind, chances are that you’ve encountered the dreaded creative rut at some point. Today I’m sharing 10 Tips for Curbing the Photographer’s Creative Rut.

It’s perfectly normal to hit these creative ruts. I know this all too well. As a photographer, we pour so much of ourselves into aligning with a style that sometimes this tends to become a bit too routine and we can feel as if our work is not evolving. But here’s the good news, you don’t have to stay stuck! By recognizing where creative ruts can stem from and acknowledging what thoughts, beliefs and excuses are holding you back, we’re on the right track to curbing the creative rut.


Where do creative ruts stem from?

Burnout, perfectionism, criticism, fear of rejection and self doubt to name a few. Whatever the cause, a creative rut can feel very frustrating. On most occasions, creative ruts are caused by familiarity and being too comfortable. Too often we spend our time in the same areas, with the same gear, capturing the same type of images. Here is where our creativity begins to suffer.


How do we curb the creative rut?

Glad you asked. Last summer, amongst a busy and ever changing wedding season due to the pandemic, I was struggling with feeling aligned with my work. Everything felt bleh. So I did what I do whenever I feel this way. I called my good friend Eloise and rather than meet up for a coffee date, we decided to go shoot for fun. Whaaaattttt???!!! Photographer’s can shoot for fun? They sure can!


Here are 10 of my favourite tips for Curbing the Photographer’s Creative Rut.


#1. Surround yourself with people who motivate you.

#2. Be mindful of the content you are consuming on social media.

#3. Get a new perspective by getting out of your own environment into a new one.

#4. Stop overthinking and give yourself a break.

#5. Take a photo walk with no expectations at all and try to be truly present.

#6. Take a break because “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and I believe this to be true in both relationships and creative endeavours.

#7. Create space by minimizing clutter around you.

#8. Shift your perspective by trying new things that may have nothing to do with photography.

#9. Play music.

#10. Be kind to yourself.

What are some of your favourite tips to curb the creative rut? I’d love to know in the comments below.

Special thank you to my beautiful and talented friend Eloise Yaskiw who always has the ability to inspire me and my work. Click HERE to see my Sunset Inspired Bridal Portrait with Eloise.

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