Canola Field Portrait Photography Session – Capturing Magic in the Calgary Countryside

When the most unexpected elements align at the perfect moment, true magic happens. It was one of those serendipitous occasions when an old friend’s visit coincided with an introduction to a new friend, giving rise to an impromptu and extraordinary Canola Field Portrait Photography Session. Charissa and Black Earth Floral came together last minute, bringing their creativity and passion to create something truly special.

As a Calgary wedding photographer in the midst of a busy season, opportunities for personal creative sessions are rare. However, when my dear friend Charissa, who also happened to be the very first model I worked with in this dream career, informed me of her overnight stay in Calgary, we decided to forgo the typical coffee date and embark on this spontaneous portrait session. That’s the beauty of Charissa—her willingness to go with the flow and embrace my creative ideas. With a couple of dresses in hand, I picked up my stunning friend, and together, we hit the road, ready for an adventure.

The icing on the cake was the involvement of Karla from Black Earth Floral, who crafted an absolutely breathtaking arrangement for our session. I had been captivated by Black Earth Floral’s work for months, especially after learning that one of my September brides had chosen Karla for her wedding florals. Karla’s creations always leave me in awe. They exude romance and luxury, and as soon as I saw this masterpiece, I knew we were going to make pure magic together. The abundance of colors and textures, the layering of flowers upon flowers—it was a true work of art. I hold immense respect for Karla’s craft and talent, and our instant connection felt like we had been friends forever. Do yourself a favour and give her a follow; her work will leave you breathless.

But why engage in “creative” sessions, you might wonder? These sessions hold immense value for me as a photographer. They provide an opportunity for growth, allowing me to push boundaries, experiment with new techniques, and challenge conventional photography norms. By immersing myself in these creative endeavours, I can slow down, explore new perspectives, and hone my craft. Ultimately, this practice translates into a higher level of quality and service that I can offer to my clients, fulfilling their expectations and delivering images that truly capture their essence.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Charissa and Karla for their inspiring collaboration. Together, we embarked on a journey that not only resulted in stunning photographs but also fueled my passion for creativity. Their willingness to join forces and trust my vision was truly humbling. The experience reminded me of the importance of embracing spontaneity, welcoming new connections, and allowing the magic of the moment to unfold.

This canola field portrait photography session stands as a testament to the beauty of unexpected encounters and the power of collaboration. It was a day filled with laughter, shared creativity, and an unyielding drive to create something extraordinary. In the Calgary countryside, amidst the golden waves of canola flowers, we captured moments of pure magic that will forever be cherished.

As a Calgary wedding photographer, these creative sessions not only feed my artistic soul but also elevate the level of work I bring to each wedding. They allow me to continuously evolve, innovate, and provide my clients with exceptional images that reflect their unique love stories. Stay tuned for more adventures and captivating moments, as I continue to explore the limitless possibilities of photography and storytelling.

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