Capturing the Magic: Calgary Winter Equine Session with Brooke, Mel, and Noah

Horses have always held a special place in my heart, and it was an absolute delight to photograph this Calgary Winter Equine Session. As any horse enthusiast knows, a typical day at the barn is far from glamorous. So, when you have the opportunity to dress up a bit and capture portraits with your beloved four-legged companion, it becomes an extraordinary day. What’s even more special is surprising your best friend, your “person,” with an Equine Session for her birthday.

The story of Brooke, Mel, and Noah is nothing short of remarkable. Brooke purchased Noah while she was living in Ontario and showed him throughout the province for eight incredible years. When she made the decision to move back to Calgary, she realized it was time to pass the reins to another deserving equestrian. Noah found a new owner, a stranger from Montreal named Mel. Little did they know that their paths would cross and they would become the best of friends. Despite Mel still residing in Montreal, she is currently pursuing her undergraduate studies at the University of Calgary, allowing Brooke to spend precious time with the horse that taught her so much and introduced her to a lifelong friend in Mel.

On the day of our Equine Session, the freezing temperatures greeted us. As I drove to the stable, the snowy landscape made it challenging to see more than a few feet ahead. But upon arriving at the barn, I was met with Brooke and Mel, ready for an incredible morning. Even their puppies joined the adventure, adding an extra layer of joy to the winter wonderland that served as our picturesque backdrop.

The bond between Brooke, Mel, and Noah was amazing. Each interaction radiated love, trust, and a deep connection that can only be forged between a rider and her cherished steed. Noah, with his majestic presence and gentle demeanor, seemed to understand the significance of the day. His noble spirit complemented the ethereal beauty of the snowy landscape, creating a scene straight out of a fairytale.

The Equine Session was a testament to the enduring bond between humans and horses. It captured the essence of friendship, trust, and the unwavering loyalty that exists between these magnificent creatures and their devoted caretakers. It was a celebration of the remarkable journey that Brooke and Noah shared, from their early years in Ontario to their reconnection in Calgary through Mel’s unexpected arrival.

As the shutter clicked and the camera captured their genuine moments, the cold temperatures faded into the background. The love and joy emanating from Brooke, Mel, and Noah warmed the atmosphere, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

To Brooke and Mel, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this extraordinary Equine Session. Your story is a testament to the beauty of friendship, the power of these magnificent animals, and the magic that happens when passions align. It was an honour to capture the essence of your connection and the profound bond that exists between you and Noah.

As a photographer, these Equine Sessions remind me of the incredible privilege it is to document such profound relationships. They allow me to merge my love for horses with my passion for storytelling, creating images that evoke emotion, preserve memories, and celebrate the extraordinary connections we share with these majestic creatures.

Here’s a few words from Brooke on how our session went…

“Sue helped me to pull off a birthday surprise for a friend and her horse.  While a bit hesitant to stand outside in -25 degrees on a winter day, we had a a blast and the pictures turned out amazing! Sue was such a good sport about dealing with two laughing girls, a wild dog that wouldn’t stand still for photos, and a horse who thought ears back and teeth out was the look we were going for.  We couldn’t have asked for more from Sue or our Equine Session and look forward to having her out in the warmer weather.”


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