Sean + Katey’s Rocky Mountain Engagement Session with Pups

Rocky Mountain Engagement Sessions are my absolute favourite! I love couples that are down for exploring and relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of Calgary. This Engagement Session with Katey and Sean became one for the books when a local grizzly in the area decided to impede on our adventure and forced us get creative.

I was in Hawaii earlier this year when I received a call from Sean that he had proposed to his girlfriend Katey. He wanted me to meet her as they were interested in hiring me for their Fall Calgary Wedding. I was elated. I have known Sean for many years and he is one of the “nicest” human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing. Anyone who knows him personally would absolutely agree with me!

I got off the plane from Hawaii and went straight to coffee to meet with these two. Katey and I had love at first sight lol. A spicy Italian with a sarcastic Polish girl were a match made in heaven. I loved her! I loved seeing the effect that this girl had on Sean. This is the feeling I hope to get with every couple I sit down with. We had our consult and said our goodbyes. I really wanted this wedding! And just as I was about to back out of my parking stall, my phone rang. It was Katey and Sean….and they wanted to hire me for their wedding! YES!

Fast forward to our Engagement Session. We decided to head to Kananaskis Lakes for an afternoon of relaxing. The couple even brought their adorable dogs Wallace and Indy. As we approached the parking lot, we were stopped by multiple conservation officers who advised us that we couldn’t go on our adventure as there was a big male grizzly having a wander in the area. We needed to improvise. I asked the officer if we could simply stay within the radius of the parking lot and he allowed us to do so. Most people don’t believe me that these were taken so close to a very busy parking lot. But this is why I love my couples. They trust me. When you have lemons, make lemonade. We had a pretty incredible day. And the constant peeking over our shoulders to make sure that our grizzly friend wasn’t close by made for some pretty special memories. We laugh about it every time we see each other. You weren’t going to ruin this adventure BEAR!


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