Moody Silvertip Resort Wedding: Rain or Shine, Love Prevails

Experience Rachel and Scott’s unforgettable moody SilverTip Resort wedding in Canmore, Alberta, where rain couldn’t dampen their spirits. Despite the weather, they had the best day ever and their love prevailed. This post captures the beauty of their day, and shows that rain or shine, love always wins.

When planning a wedding, there are some things that you simply cannot control, and the weather is one of them. This was the case for Rachel and Scott’s wedding at the beautiful Silvertip Resort in Canmore, Alberta. Despite the rainy weather, they were determined to make their big day the best day ever.

In fact, the rain only made their wedding more perfect. Rachel and Scott embraced it with open arms and didn’t let it dampen their spirits. Their first kiss in the rain was absolutely swoon-worthy! It takes a special couple to remain unfazed by the weather on their wedding day, and Rachel and Scott were just that.

As a photographer, it was an absolute pleasure to work with this incredible couple. Their positive energy and willingness to make the most of every moment made for some gorgeous images. I’ll never forget running umbrellas to them during their vows, completely soaked but still smiling from ear to ear.

This wedding holds a special place in my heart for two reasons. First, it allowed me to finally use the word “moody” in one of my blog posts. No pun intended, and a big thank you to my husband for having the perfect last name for a photographer! Second, it happened to be my 40th birthday, and Rachel and Scott made me feel incredibly special by having their entire family sing “Happy Birthday” to me. I will never forget their anniversary!

Every time it rains in Calgary, I think of Rachel and Scott’s incredible wedding day. Thank you for trusting me to capture your special day, and for inviting me to spend time with your wonderful family at Silvertip Resort. And a special thank you to all the gorgeous children who graced my lens on your wedding day. Rain or shine, love always prevails!


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