YYC Brand Portrait Session With Kathleen Smiley

Kathleen Smiley describes herself as yyc habitant, communications creative, local enthusiast, word producer, spin & yoga practicer + clever word and quick wit lovaaaaa.  Join me for her YYC Brand Portrait Session as we chat about her blog, advice for driving traffic to YOUR blogs, why it’s important to have professional photography for your business + what it’s like to work with ME!

In a world of social media + branding, the identity we put out to the world is more important than ever.  With a degree in communications, Kathleen is a guru with everything social media and when she approached me to photograph her Portrait Brand Session for her Lifestyle Blog-stories of relationships, laughter + wellness, I was stoked. I love the way Kathleen writes.  She makes me laugh out loud when I read her work. I wanted her Brand Images to reflect who she is. Funny, stylish + modern (with a hint of sass). Plus, wait until you see our special guest Remington.  It was a great decision to photograph the portrait session in her beautiful, trendy and modern home in the SE Community of Walden. Walden is one of those Calgary communities that truly offers it all to its residents.  It’s fast becoming one of my favourite neighbourhoods. 

(Shameless insert for my giveaway lol) Come discover the difference at Walden for yourself! On April 14th from 12-5pm, tour Walden’s brand new show homes, dig into some delicious street food, and enter to win one of the amazing giveaways, including a 2 hour photo shoot with me!  There will also be fresh tulips for the first 50 visitors. Click HERE for the Facebook Event page.

So without any further delay, here’s my chat with Waldenite herself, Kathleen Smiley.

Q.   Can you tell me a little about you and your blog?

A.   My name is Kathleen Smiley, I like to describe myself as yyc habitant, communications creative, local enthusiast, word producer, spin & yoga practicer and clever word and quick wit lovaaaaa. My blog is a personal passion project of mine that aims to bring my audience musings from my every day occurrences, thoughts and opinions about love + life.

Q.  How would you describe your blogging style?

A.   I would describe my blogging style as very casual. My degree is in communications, with a major is public relations. In school, our professors teach us to write very technical and analytical. When I started writing for my personal blog, I abandoned the grammatical ship and allowed myself to write freely. I don’t like to take my blog, or my life for that matter, too seriously. I’m just a girl who likes to write…sometimes. You’ll notice I don’t blog very often – but when I do, I love it! When I first started blogging, it became quite therapeutic for me, and a way of self-love and reflection. Therefore my writing style can, at times, be aggressive and angry, or humorous or loving. I just gotta feel it, ya feel me?!

Q.   With a background in social media, what do you think is a good strategy that drives traffic to your blog?

A.   In my opinion, people are attracted to social media through the vulnerability in ourselves and the contagiousness of our human spirit. Social media is very emotionally based and can be leveraged to drive the vitality of our content. From a communications and marketing perspective, content is always key along with speaking to your target audience. It’s my belief that how we speak or deliver content is crucial to how well it is received. Deliver content that is in the interest of your followers and readers. Getting into the headspace of your audience is always step numero uno and often the most difficult. From a personal perspective driving traffic to your blog or website has to come from a place of authenticity, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and letting your work speak for itself. In general, post often but don’t post shit… easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Q.   How important is professional photography for your blog + website?

A.   Professional photography for your blog + website is so important. I can’t stress enough the importance of professional photography. Let me put it this way, Sue Moodie will deliver better more high quality photos than your best friend or Father who has a DSLR camera and took one photography course, got it!!? Feedback I’ve received on my website has been very positive. Without professional photos to brand the website, the website itself would just be a bunch of random blank pages. Do yourself a favour, spend the money, take the time and call Sue Moodie.

Q.   How was your experience during our Brand Portrait Session?

A.   My experience was nothing less than enjoyable. I don’t love having my photo taken. It’s quite a vulnerable situation you’re embarking on by having someone constantly say, “Smile! Oh…not like that…umm what are you doing with your face? Ok stop, look away, pretend to laugh…don’t slouch..seriously stand-up fucking straight. Now breath in and exhale and look down, pretend I’m not here. Stand. Up. Straight!” Sometimes doing a photoshoot is a less than desirable, but not with Sue, this I know for sure. I’m trying to be objective and give my unbiased opinion of what it’s like working with Sue but here’s the cold hard truth… Sue is among the best in the business. If you want your brand to be the best in the business, shoot with Sue Moodie.

Thank you my beautiful friend! Make sure to visit Kathleen’s Lifestyle Blog at www.kathleensmiley.com 

And in case you’re curious about the candles that Remington had lit during our session, head straight over to Milk Jar Candle Company. BEST. CANDLES. EVER! (and Remington approved)


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