Canola Field Portrait Photography Session

Magic happens when the most random things come together at the most perfect time. A visit from an old friend and the introduction to a new one came together very last minute to create the Calgary Portrait Session of Charissa + Black Earth Floral.

As a Calgary Wedding Photographer in the middle of wedding season, getting the opportunity to photograph a creative session for myself is rare. But when my amazing friend Charissa, who also happens to be the very first model I worked with in this dream job of a career called that she would be in Calgary from Vancouver overnight, we decided to skip the traditional coffee date and head out for this very impromptu Calgary Portrait Session. It’s what I love about Charissa. Her ability to just go with the flow and appease my crazy creative ideas! So with a couple dresses in tow, I picked up my beautiful friend and we simply started to drive.

I was extremely blessed to have Karla from Black Earth Floral create this INSANE arrangement for us. I have been social media stalking Black Earth Floral for months now, especially when I found out that one of my September brides is using Karla for her wedding florals. Her work always captivates me! It’s romantic and luxurious and I knew we’d create magic when I saw this work of art. So much colour and texture.  Flowers on flowers on flowers. Pure Magic! I have so much respect for her craft + talent! You know that feeling when you meet someone and it just feels like you’ve friends forever? I think Karla and I might be soulmates. Love this girl. Make sure to go give her a follow.

So why do “creative” sessions? I find huge growth in continuing to push myself to find the time to photograph these types of creative sessions. These sessions give me the opportunity to try new techniques, break some “photography” rules, and simply slow down my entire process so that I can play with new perspectives.  Practicing my craft allows me to provide my clients with the quality of images and service that they have come to expect from me. Thank you Charissa + Karla for an extremely inspiring collaboration.


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